Student Health and Wellbeing Resources

Developing healthy practices for self care as a student is a critical step in your professional development. We encourage you to create healthy habits for stress relief, taking care of your mental health, eating and sleeping well, and keeping your physical body in optimal shape. Below is a list of University and legal professional offices dedicated to helping you to thrive as a law student and as a future legal professional. Be well!


University Counseling Center

Confidential, short-term individual and group counseling for personal issues, including adjustment to university/law school life, stress management, interpersonal relationships with friends, family or peers, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.



This program, offered through the NC Bar Association, offers no-cost confidential assistance to law students and their families in dealing with problems that might be causing distress, such as personal issues (crisis intervention, depression/anxiety, substance use and financial concerns); family issues (marriage/relationships, children/adolescents and parenting/family conflict); and work/school issues (professional stressors, school-related stress and conflict resolution).


N.C. Lawyers Assistance Program (NCLAP)

NCLAP, offered through the North Carolina State Bar, provides free confidential assistance to students with character and fitness issues and difficulties coping with the stressful demands of law school. Counselors support law students who struggle with issues of chronic depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol problems or other mental health issues. This program offers a full range of resources and solutions to help students manage these issues in the short and long term.


University Student Health Services

Student Health Services is your medical home at Wake Forest University.  Its dedicated and experienced team of medical professionals and staff is ready to serve the primary care needs of the WFU student community.


University Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services (LAC-DS) provides study skills training and counseling.  Students can learn to read critically, take notes effectively, manage their time, improve their motivation, increase their reading speed, and prepare for tests. Students with a wide range of learning and other documented disabilities also receive academic support, training, and advocacy through the LAC-DS.


Campus Recreation

Wake Forest’s Campus Recreation Center promotes a holistic approach to physical well-being through diverse programming and facilities.


University Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Resources

Wake Forest fosters a campus community that strives to prevent unlawful gender discrimination and sexual misconduct in all their forms, to compassionately respond to and support survivors and those affected by sexual misconduct, and to ensure the equitable treatment of persons accused of wrongdoing.


University Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Education Resources

WFU CHOICES (Cultivating Healthier Opinions In Challenging Everyday Situations) is the Wake Forest University substance abuse prevention, education, and intervention program.  The mission of WFU CHOICES is to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of alcohol and other drug misuse in our community, provide education, counseling, and resources to individuals and groups, and empower students to make healthy choices.

University Spirituality Resources

Wake Forest recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for students to nurture their faith development and spiritual life and strives to provide opportunities for them to express and explore their faith in a supportive community.


University Thrive Office

Wake Forest created Thrive to give students the skills, knowledge and perspective to maintain a healthy, balanced life.