Student Organizations

Chief Justice Joseph Branch Inn of Court

The Chief Justice Joseph Branch (CJJB) Inn of Court meets five evenings per year and provides participants a great opportunity to learn about the law and to meet members of the bench and bar. The CJJB promotes legal skills, professionalism, and ethics. Each meeting includes a presentation on a legal topic of interest that lasts approximately 45 minutes, preceded by a 30 minute reception, and followed by a dinner. Senior members—including judges, seasoned attorneys, and Wake Forest law professors—are known as “Masters,” in the English tradition of Inns of Court. “Barristers” are attorneys with up to ten years of legal experience. Finally, the Inn includes dozens of law students, due to its affiliation with Wake Forest.  Masters and Barristers enjoy getting to know the law students. At dinner, each table includes law students, at least one Master, and at least one Barrister.


Killoran Long