Student Organizations

Business Law Society

The Business Law Society (BLS) is the student-lead organization that aims to educate and encourage engagement related to business law issues and interests.

The BLS is comprised of students not only sharing a common general interest in business law, but also of students representing their individual interests in business litigation, transactional work, and varying industry specific issues. Many BLS members are also engaged with other business-related student groups, participate in business-focused clinics and journals, and are enrolled in the BLP recommended courses of study.

BLS works in conjunction with Wake Forest Law's Business Law Program, a student-centered program designed to expand student opportunities that strengthen knowledge of business law concepts as well as develop skills to assist professional development and readiness for practice. The program targets four core areas: academic enrichment, professional development & ethics, experiential learning, and joint degrees. The program engages students, faculty, alumni, practitioners, and the broader community in an important dialogue on emerging business law issues. Learn more about the Business Law Program here: Business Law Program.


Killoran Long